Sunday, September 21, 2014

thematthewcraig said: 30th anniversary of the first issue of Transformers UK today. I got it brought home as a pick-me-up after I broke my ankle playing Tig (or "Rottychookopofpof" if you're American, prob.). So here's the question: you can't have Impactor, I can't have Jazz. Who's your second favourite Transy? Mine was Brawn - but toy-Brawn more than toon-Brawn. That story where he loses his mince? Frightener!

Oh man.

I had an enormous love for Sunstreaker as a kid. I never had the toy. He was never in the comic that often. I just liked him conceptually. He was a good guy but a total dick. That’s something I like to see in the mix.

Or maybe Sludge, who was my favourite Dinobot.

Or Shockwave.

Actually, maybe Frenzy.

Let me get back to you.

Anonymous said: According to Rolling Stone, 1984 was pop music's greatest year ever. Agree or disagree?

In their own list they put Take On Me at only number 18? I think we can safely dismiss Rolling Stone here.

Oddly, it is an enormously important year for PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL. I believe our first scene is set there.

Anonymous said: will there be a repeated character on the cover?

The current plan is we change up the portrait-covers after issue 10, so there probably won’t be a repeat.


Anonymous said: What was your favorite young avengers moment that you wrote?

Moment is an interesting question. It brings to mind Ewing’s essay taking on momentism. Our Young Avengers was kind of encrusted with the things.

It’s hard to wrestle down. Just argued it with C a little. I mean, both our favourite scene is probably the opening, but that’s not a moment.


Let’s say the end. Final instagram beat, Loki posting the photo and faving it. Lots of things loaded in there, shall we say.

dannykat said: Hello there, Mr. Gillen. I have a question that, despite my best efforts as a hermit, I haven't been able to find an answer to. Why are comic book scripts so hard to find? Almost always, the scripts I search for are nowhere to be found, or if I'm exceptionally lucky, I will find only a fragment of one. Is there a world-spanning conspiracy in the works? A cult of goblins that hide these scripts? Or am I just not searching hard enough? Thanks in advance for your answer!

I think you’re saying that why aren’t there as many comic scripts out in the wild as there are (say) film scripts? Well, size of medium and that the scripts don’t get given to nearly as many people.

If you mean “I haven’t seen nearly enough comics scripts! Where can I find them” then the comic book archive will be where to go. 

Some mornings the only logical thing to do is dress like a wookie.

Some mornings the only logical thing to do is dress like a wookie.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Anonymous said: I was wondering -- do the gods have normal bodily functions? Sleeping, having to eat, etc etc? Luci doesn't seem too physically affected by going off cocaine, so that got me thinking.

You’ll see bodily functions in time, I’m sure. 

Of course, you’re assuming that Luci is telling the truth about the scale of her cocaine use. That is an assumption.

dragondruids said: So I was just kind of wondering, what do you use to research the Gods and Goddess for WicDiv? To you just kind of internet search, or do you have some well read sources who provide with the information that you use. And on that topic, how much do you feel a responsibility portray the Deities in a certain way or do you you just kind of adapt then in what ever way best fits the story?

I don’t want to say what sources I’m using, as that may actually lead to spoilers, if you see what I mean. Some of them will come up explicitly in the book.

The amount of “responsibility” I feel varies on the gods. There’s a tension in the book between all those things, and I try to balance things appropriately.

philsandifer said: So now that Moore and Ennis have stolen your artist, I assume you're making them both write Alastor minis in return?

There is nothing “mini” about the octococked one.


"The laws of physics can kiss my ass."

 America Chavez - Young Avengers 

This is my first serious cosplay. I loved her character so much, I think I decided I was going to cosplay her within the first few pages of the comic. She’s just that kickass,

and I did enjoy being able to wear my hair all natural for this :) 

This is a fantastic America.