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He would emerge at night wearing iron goggles, with a whalebone umbrella resting on his shoulder.  He could be seen by moonlight, gathering plants and planting witch bottles, but he moved without sound.  The goggles, it was said, allowed him to see The Other World, the parish of ghosts and demons, and he proclaimed his status to villagers and supplicants alike as “The Devil’s Master.”  On his…

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I read this as Cumming, and then remembered that Warren is not me.

piscespaul said: Will there be Wicked and Divine t-shirts? (hopefully)

We’re planning to do some for NYCC. So probably should get a move on.

We also plan to do one available from Diamond, probably around issue 8 or so.

magesmagesmages said: How did you find McKelvie (and don't say you looked under your toast one morning pls, although you know if you did, then tell me.) Do you draw or has your comic-making ability always depended on an artist apart from you?

I was selling my first small press comic at Bristol Comic Con in (I think) 2003. I was sharing it with a friend - Ali Pulling - who was doing an anthology called NEVER MIND THE COMICS. Jamie walked up, having a story in the anthology, and was looking for Ali. I said he wasn’t here. Jamie offered to show his portfolio. I looked at it and said “I’ve got an idea for a comic called Phonogram, and you’d be perfect for it.”

The rest is history, and a particular dark and depressing chapter in it.

I’ve done doodle comics as a teen, but the vast majority of my comics are reliant on artists. In the period above I executed some comics - there’s a year of Photo-comic I did, which is getting on for 300 pages. I also did some clip-art comics. I also had my GF of the time smear me with jam for the cover of my comics.

malcolmloo said: Heard somewhere you listen to history podcasts. Which ones? Also for a more pretentious question. What fuels your interest in history and how does it affect your writing?

I probably need a few more. Main ones at the mo…

HARDCORE HISTORY - Slow to release, but worth waiting for and worth utterly devouring. I paid for all the episodes that were in the archive. Really, astounding stuff.

REVOLUTIONS - history of a series of revolutions. Done the British one. Onto the American. I mean to go back to his HISTORY OF ROME podcast as well. 

IN OUR TIME - BBC Radio Iconic show. Only 1/3 or so of episodes are history, with the rest being culture or science. Field experts in a round table with Melvin Bragg doing his well-cultured layperson questioning. If I was able to send a message to my younger self, it’d be “Start listening to In Our Time when you’re in your early teens. This is the basic liberal education you’re in desperate need of.”

STUFF YOU MISSED IN HISTORY CLASS - hyperlight, but very likeable. Short podcasts about a single topic, wandering over the whole of human history. There’s more heavyweight podcasts I’ve abandoned due to the presenter just being tedious as hell, but this has charm and a human interest.

Why do I care about history? How did we, as a species, get here? What is new? What isn’t new? Why? History is the big WHY, and as a writer, that informs everything I do.

rasmuslykke said: Is there a chance that the Watchmen panel will either be filmed or that you'll release your talk as text, the way Warren Ellis sometimes does? Because I would love to hear/read it, but can't be there.

I’ve had a friend who does film offer to record it, which I probably will when I get a chance.

Anonymous said: Okay, I wanted to nonliterally murder you during large chunks of hulk vs. iron man, but the ending was good. I still think the hyper-arrogant direction that marvel is taking the character in suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of what it is that people like about the character and why Stan Lee created him in the first place -- that he's flawed, broken, self-loathing, and his arrogance comes from a place of deep insecurity, but he always picks himself up. But good finish.

Glad it worked for you in the end. That sort of story does involve the journey of it all, and obviously some misdirection. I know Mark and I both wanted to really try and show why both Bruce and Tony are heroes, but dig into the pain there.

I wouldn’t disagree with your reading of Tony, btw. Insecurity beneath a mask of arrogance (which cracks all too often) was basically the throughline with my run, or at least in what I was trying to do.

Anonymous said: Why do people characterize Laura as being a positive biracial character? Tumblr social justice staples like her "otherness" are thrown out and applauded, yet her race hasn't been a factor at all. Instead, Laura has the means to attend all of the god's concerts, as well as attend, and neglect, college. I'm all for diversity in comics, but I feel like Laura has received too much credit. *I'm not a bigot cred: wrote a paper on feminism and pop culture using Young Avengers and girl groups last year*

That’s not for me to say. The question of what a “positive” character is something that’s a larger debate, and one I suspect people will have a lot about WicDiv.

As this is a non-answer I wouldn’t really have done it, but wanted to say something - when asking something like this, which is primarily about the social background of a character, it may be worth mentioning where you’re from. I don’t want to patronise.

In this case, I’m getting the subtext that you’re not from the UK and don’t know London that well - It’s mainly from getting  the sense you’re working on the idea of “College” in the American sense as opposed to the UK A-level one, for example (i.e. in terms of the amount of financial resources required to attend). Brockley was also chosen for a bunch of reasons. We’ll get into the family background eventually, I’m sure.

But it’s a book set in the UK, and set precisely in the UK. We did these things for reasons.

quentinhex said: Do you think WicDiv would ever properly translate into film?

If someone had a nice big cheque, we’d be more than willing to give someone a shot :)

Anonymous said: Ever took a look at the French comic series <<Les Sentinelles>>? Touches upon a lot of what you're doing for Uber (though it looks at it through the lenses of the Great War). First volume was translated into English in Heavy Metal, but if you can read French, it only gets better and better with the second and third volumes, a fourth coming out in October.

I’m aware of it, but I’ve never actually read it. I probably should. It does look lovely. It’s been a while since I’ve dived down a BD hole.

Anonymous said: SPOILERS I'm gonna be honest with you here, Mr. Gillen. If you had killed Vernon immediately after his first appearance in Uber, I may very well have stopped reading. Representation is an incredibly important topic to me, so it was quite an experience seeing Vernon attacked, then wondering if he was alive for the rest of the issue. Luckily, you stuck to your guns, and I look forward to reading future issues of Uber.

I wouldn’t blame you. If I had done it, I’d have introduced his brother by the end of the issue, which would have changed the meaning a little and changed the representation. In the end, I liked him too much, could see too much potential in him and it just wasn’t worth it for a point I’ve hit a lot before in Uber.