Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anonymous said: How does Luci's hair and makeup stay flawless in prison?


I’m not even joking.

Anonymous said: WicDiv guest artist arc you say? LOOKIN' AT YOU, WADA. INTERIORS TIME, SON.

You hear that, Wada? You’re being called out.

Anonymous said: Would ever consider writing an episode of Doctor Who that would be like that awesome Dazzler proposal you wrote but never made?

You know, now you mention it, that Dazzler outline is a little bit Who-y in its whimsy.

robinsfavoritecat said: So if y'all are only doing portrait covers up to issue 10 does that mean that not every God will get one?

This would be correct.

Anonymous said: As a single 31-year-old should I be depressed at the questioner shocked a 31-year-old might be attractive?

If younger people aren’t making us lot depressed, they’re not doing their job properly.

ouroborial said: Re: the financial success of WicDiv. I don't know how well are the remaining commercial-indie (comics are such a weird beast) comics doing, from Image or wherever. But my wishful thinking is that those sorts of figures represent a paradigm shift in comics consumption. Honestly, it would be better for everyone if superheroes got a kick in the nuts. Even for superheroes. Let me rephrase that into a question: do you think that superheroes could benefit from that sort of outside competition?

I think a more diverse medium is a better medium.

Of course, there’s more than a little superhero DNA in WicDiv, so I’m not entirely sure we’re helping that much.

Gillen: Where did Nathan T. Rex come from?

Spears: To some degree, he’s me. He’s the me I don’t let anybody see. He’s terrified. He’s terrified everyone’s going to realize he’s a fraud, but at the same time, he is trying. Where a lot of people would lock up, he’s really going for it. He’s also a lot of Jim, which is funny because — I’m sure all artists do this — but Jim’s got sort of a busted pinkie from skating and Rex’s pinky’s a little busted, because Jim’s obviously looking at his own pinky when he’s drawing.

And then of course you can go through the list of directors: Ed Wood, John Waters, Jess Franco, a sort of hodgepodge of those. Ultimately I’m always writing about myself and my experience times a thousand.

Gillen: Have you ever barfed on your own dick? [Laughs]

Spears: You know, I haven’t, but I do throw up a lot.

Gillen: Oh, wow.

Spears: Yeah, it’s kind of my favorite thing to do, apparently. I’ve got a wonderfully crap stomach and that’s actually how I make a lot of friends at conventions! [Laughs]

THE AUTEUR is out today, which is a wonderful and wonderfully fucked up story about Hollywood. I did a Decompressed of it, which CBR has ran as a transcript. I’ll be getting the podcast up at some point (hopefully soon), but you should definitely give it a nose. It really is like nothing else.

Read the rest of the interview here.


Playing with the SketchBook app on my iPad. A wild Morrigan appeared.


Playing with the SketchBook app on my iPad. A wild Morrigan appeared.

‘Pretty Like Drugs’ by Queen AdreenaThinking of The  Morrigan, so thinking of this.

‘Pretty Like Drugs’ by Queen Adreena
Thinking of The Morrigan, so thinking of this.


wicdiv as a visual novel/dating sim

i’ve had so much fun with this omg 

background photos are from here, and here, and here

art is by me (and so are the bad captions) (which look better on full view! just saying)

I approve highly.