Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anonymous said: Disclaimer - I have zero bias when recommending this to anyone and everyone - ever heard of My Brother My Brother and Me? Hours of entertainment.

I havent. I’ll give it a nose. Thanks!

kurtlogan said: you said to ask you things on tumblr. My question: Why do you want to waste time entirely unproductively?

Because otherwise I would have to do something I should be doing.

Really? Back from a con and a little broken. Just sort of counter-punching to random asks is a good warm up to actually thinking again.

Anonymous said: every time i talk about famous groups of poets/writers/artists (which is often - i'm in a lit grad program), i secretly imagine they were also the pantheon in their time. are there any other paragons of cultural legacy you're willing to name drop as gods?

Heh. Bar the ones I had in issue 3?

Probably best wait and see, really. I do want to do the Renaissance gods at some point. 

Anonymous said: What're the odds size L of Wic/Div shirts will sell out by Friday of NYCC? -Jim

Are you looking to make a bet? I’m not a bookie. 

Er… dunno. Hopefully we’ll have a lot. Size L is an average-y size, so we’ll probably have a lot of them.

paintedlunacy said: To what extent would you consider any of your comics work to be 'postmodern' if at all? (i know it's tricky because postmodernism in comics is, well, iffy?) Is there anything in comics you would class as 'postmodern'?

Journey Into Mystery is pretty clearly in the postmodernist fantasy tradition. That’d be the main one, I think.

I also think growing up when I did, you’re informed by postmodernism to a greater or lesser extent. It’s all just in the mix.

briangefrich said: As a follow-up to the NYCC question, will you sign my Iron Man armor?

If you find me, I will write on any ink-bearing surface you present.

feemcbee said: Sorry if you've been asked this a lot, but what's your favourite novel?

This sort of question just makes my brain freeze up entirely. I’ve been starring into space for the last few minutes.

Clearly, this information can be used for anyone who wants to mug me. Just say “What’s your fave book?” and I’ll enter a fugue state while they rifle through my pockets.

keewa said: Would the powerduo of you and Jamie (my favs) ever consider doing a run of She-Hulk (my other fav)? That'd be so immense.

Between WicDiv, Phonogram and assorted other things Jamie wants to do, we’re basically tied up for about four years. So it’s pretty unlikely, I think.

Love She-Hulk though. She’s great.

ulttrons said: aren't baby octopuses adorable

Adorably edible.

briangefrich said: I don't see you on the NYCC guest list. Will you be there?

I will be. TEAM WICDIV have space in Artist’s alley, and we’ll be doing a bunch of signings and panels and similar.