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19th April 2014

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waynereewrites asked: Hi, Kieron. Would you come by for another STGCC if enough of us in Singapore make sad puppy dog eyes at the organisers and ask them to invite you back?

Heh. I probably would. It was a lovely con, but I suspect you’re better off inviting other people. This is a joy that should be shared as widely as possible!

19th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: Are you planning to go to any conventions this year?!

I am. I’ll be at Calgary next weekend, for a start.

(Avatar booth)

19th April 2014

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sunshine-in-a-smile asked: What do you think about Agent of Asgard and how Loki is portrayed? :)

Love it. Al and Lee are doing wonderful work. Smart, funny, flirty.

(They’re both friends, but I’ve known Al for a decade, and was always a Loki-brained kinda guy.)

When you wave goodbye to a character, you do the emotional separation, knowing that the team are going to make it their own. As such, I left it in a place with a few things that could be explored, but more with its own closure. That Al’s taken all those things and done his Al magic with them is more than I could have hoped for. The emotional throughline is strong.

More generally, also very happy to see more Sigurd. Sigurd was the element of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY I was least happy with our execution on. That Agent of Asgard is going back to him is excellent.

19th April 2014

Question with 67 notes

Anonymous asked: Why did Young Avengers have to end?

Because Jamie, Matt and I are very lazy. :(

19th April 2014

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michael-faith asked: Which artist, that you haven't had an opportunity to work with yet, would you most like to work on a book with?

Oh man. Kerzillions of them. Almost impossible to choose.

Which makes it lucky that I have a prepared, standard answer, which is, KEVIN O’NEILL circa TORQUEMADA THE GOD.

19th April 2014

Question with 52 notes

stayingupmuchtoolate asked: What does your process look like when trying to break a story? Are there notebooks? Graphs and charts? Is it a very structured process or are you looser about it?

Only slightly joking.

I’m pretty structured, but I don’t use elements like cards, at least not any more. It’s more likely to be a document with a scene list, which I cut and paste until I get something that works. And vaguely fits in the page count.

(That I did once use elements like cards makes me file it along things like “Sketching my pages in thumbnails” as something I once did, but I don’t any more, as I don’t need the handholding and can do it all upstairs - or rather, the process seems to slow me down more than it’s useful.)

That’s breaking a story on an issue by issue basis, however. Unless something has gone horribly wrong, I’m working from an issue by issue synopsis of the whole thing. The biggest element of that is actually deciding what “chunk” of the story may be a satisfying amount of story for it. As a recent example, ORIGIN II could have been six issues, but the story just sat better in 5. It was better to compress a little bit in 3 and 4 rather than have a really slack penultimate issue. 

Oddly, I think the most complicated stories I’ve ever written don’t even do the notepad approach. It basically only works if I can hold the whole thing in my head simultaneously - that’s how I did THE SINGLES CLUB.

The raw element for a story is normally a big mass of notepad random scribblings - the reasons I’m doing this story, really - which I turn into a dancetrack, by doing the connective elements. This involves invention (as there’s much missing) and deletion (as some things I love just don’t fit the shape of the story). As a cursory look at my work will entail, I’m fine with using a trad structure and using it as a format for my odder stuff (RUE BRITANNIA, THREE, etc). 

That’s a pretty spacey answer. I’m more structured than this answer may imply.

But it is mostly:

19th April 2014

Question with 8 notes

Anonymous asked: hey what's your favorite game of thrones episode, season, or book >:o what parts make them your favorite?

I think my favourite beat in the whole thing is the very end of the duel.

Yes, there’s several duels, as I’m being coy for spoilers, but you know the one I’m talking about.

19th April 2014

Question with 2 notes

unangbangkay asked: This is a question that's nagged me for a bit (I might have even asked you before), but what prompted Iron Man's shift from the Red-and-Gold to Black-and-Gold (with Red Repulsors) as his color scheme? He wore the classic colors in space, but most everywhere else it was the black-and-gold suit as new default. Was it just time for a change? Also, was Arno's suit in any way influenced by a WH40K dreadnought? I know you looked to Terminators/Space Hulk for the new heavy suit, so...

Designers like designing, basically. The space armour and the rest of the designs come from different places.

19th April 2014

Question with 14 notes

ifirstavenger asked: What is your favourite comic book team?

TEAM PHONOGRAM, obv. It’s also my least favourite.

19th April 2014

Question with 27 notes

iseekum asked: Gosh, Mr. Gillen. You sure do look at a lot of things. What's your favourite thing to look at?

The usual. The slow, desperate twitching death of my enemy and scotch eggs.