Friday, October 26, 2012

The House Always Wins: Tom Ewing On Journey Into Mystery

Read this one, if not only because it’s talking intensively and hailing you guys on Tumblr. Here’s a little of that bit, as it’s least spoilery.

But one of the things that stood out for me about Journey Into Mystery was its fandom: Kid Loki found that audience again. The average age of the mainstream comics reader is terribly old, and “adolescence” has been ceded to the guns’n’gams crew for years now. Real teenage and college-age fans went off to TV, films, anime, Potter, anywhere but American comics, and built fandoms which lived online. And Journey Into Mystery grabbed a fandom like this, mostly on Tumblr, which loved it, hated it, created around it, did all the things that living fandoms do. The Avengers movie helped of course – guarantor of authenticity on the one-hand, it also introduced a ton of open-minded fans to its characters.

Do read the rest. Heavy spoilers for the whole run of JIM, and 645 especially. I doubly smile at “Ponzi Scheme Heroism” which is a good way of describing the plot engine JIM ran off.

But Tom writes extensively and precisely about one of the thing’s Journey Into Mystery was about. JIM’s a story for anyone who ever felt Judas got a raw deal, or realised the horrible flip to Morrisonian hailing of the perpetual idealistic heroism of Superman. 


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    Another great essay on the JiM run with Kid Loki and the “illusion of change”, which to me is what is so aggravating...
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    insightful commentary on Journey into mystery, comics and tumblr fandom
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    I don’t know. Maybe they don’t lose readers. Maybe the old readers, the ones who keep purchasing the status quo,...
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    Surely they understand that they lose more readers than they gain every time the reset button is hit? I read through all...
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    I’m just sitting in front of my computer. Crying silently like a idiot FOR FUCKING THREE DAYS. My whole life is ruined....
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    I’ll re-post the link to the actual article as it i a jolly good read.
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