Friday, January 4, 2013

Gilleny Notes On Iron Man 5

I am Doing It Matt Fraction style. I said “doing it”, etc.

Alien is amazing.

Title name drop on the first page. Shameless.

First of this arc’s structural elements – the opening scene back in time, showing the start of the antagonists’ plans. This is ELI, a new character, and – er – sort of a Warren Ellis analogue. The first arc is building on his work with Extremis, so I wanted to pay some kind of warped tribute to the man. I should have written Adi as someone too. Man!

Hmm. I don’t remember this page being this meta when I wrote the thing.

Yellow polo-neck, continuing our theme of high-neck fashion for Pepper so we don’t make new readers go “Wait! Why has she got that thingy!” and derail the plot irrelevantly for a half page.

The Pepper/Tony scene is the second of the structural element. Drop Tony in a situation with a confidant showing the sort of thing Tony gets up to when not wearing his armour, and in doing so, set up the theme. In this case, what sort of futurism that capitalism will pay for?

Seriously, I love that polo neck. The next armour suit is going to have a polo neck.

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