Saturday, January 26, 2013

Decompressed 017: Sam Humphries on Uncanny X-Force #1 and Sacrifice #4

Another one of my occasional podcasts where I talk craft stuff with comics creatives.

This time it’s Sam Humphries, talking about the two books he has out this week - Uncanny X-force #1 and Sacrifice #4. There’s lots of good stuff in here, coming from two completely different sides of the industry. Sacrifice is his entirely self-published book, for example.

You can download the podcast from here. Its webpage RSS page is here. And you can find it on Itunes here.

And here’s the embed. 


You can buy the comics at your local shop, or via a digital one. Here’s  X-Force’s comixology page and here’s Sam’s page to point at all the places you can buy Sacrifice, online and off.

And there’s a shitload of study aids to look at over at my main workblog.


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