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13th December 2013

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ComicVine have the first look at REVOLUTIONARY WAR: DARK ANGEL, a one off I wrote for the REVOLUTIONARY WAR Marvel UK event. Art by Dietrich Smith, and colours by Ruth Redmond.

Probably worth stressing: this you don’t need to know any of these characters to read this. While I’m building on what was there (she’s a Jean Grey/Promethea cross, oddly), this is very much its own thing. Hell, I even wrote it as a stand alone.

JIM fans will be happy as Mephisto is in it too.

More details here.

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    Delighted to see Ruth has nailed her first Marvel gig! You should ALL be keeping a close eye on her; is the ‘next big...
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    It’s true! I got my first Marvel gig! And I’m being a cheeky mare and re-uploading the pages that Kieron originally...
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    Old Marvel UK stuff is the shit. Revolutionary War just keeps looking better the more I see of it.
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    This looks real cool n all, I just have one… tiny question… Why IS she wearing flesh coloured panties? Is there a reason...
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    Nice to see some of Marvel UK’s Overkill characters appear again.
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    Looking forward to this. So many UK marvel memories