Thursday, May 22, 2014

Iron Man

I’ve had a bunch of people asking about the absence of Iron Man from the new solicitations.

Basically, the situation is this. An enormous opportunity turned up.

We looked at my schedule. We realised that it just wasn’t going to work. The new book Marvel was offering was so utterly irresistible, I knew something had to give - and I realised that I was actually in a good place to bring my run to a conclusion. I realised the ORIGINAL SIN story would be a damn good climax for everything I’ve done, and between all I’ve put in play with the Mandarin War, Iron Metropolitan and where the HULK/IRON MAN story ends up, there’s a mass of toys for the next writer to play with. And hey - with the annual? That’s 31 issues total, which is exactly as long as my Uncanny X-men and Journey Into Mystery runs.

Yeah, there’s a pang about the other things I was going to play with, but when you hear of what this opportunity is, I suspect you’ll understand.

I’ll talk more when I can, obv. It’s been a ride.

And now I return to your usual service of hyping The Wicked + the Divine. Pre-order this weekend, etc.


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    Hm…What could be be hinting?
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    It’s been a darn good run. And, as always, looking forward to whatever Kieron works on next. (Also: Curious about who...
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    Will miss this very talented writer on one of my favorite books.
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