Tuesday, July 8, 2014

magesmagesmages said: Do you understand that the stuff about Remender's Cap ISN'T just about Jet's age? There was a misinterpretation, sure, but despite that, Jet's canonical age isn't given until moments before she slept with Sam Wilson, he is STILL at least ten years older than her, and in a position that could be considered one of care, she has been ridiculously oversexualised since her intro and the alcohol made consent dubious at best. In short, I was disappointed to see your twitter today.

I do understand that it’s not just about Jet’s age. That’s why I didn’t retweet anything anything that argued against anything else except the fact Jet wasn’t 14.

In fact, what I retweeted actually says that people can find things problematic about the scene, but that reading is 100% not supported by the book.

I retweeted something that stressed that the reading of the scene that was being viciously, destructively and angrily forwarded was simply not true. As it was being repeated in various news places as actual fact of something that appeared in a marvel comic, I thought signal boosting on that it simply wasn’t true was actually necessary.

(Partially as someone who likes the Falcon a lot, the last thing the character needs is “He’s a rapist” to become the thing which people connect to him. To state the obvious, it’s also insulting and offensive to anyone who has been raped for this to be used as a fan-weapon when it 100% isn’t true.)

For latecomers to #firerickremender, I’ll note that I’ve been quietly following this since Cap 22 came out. While people who picked up when it went viral yesterday may think that it’s always been about some people’s more general problems with Rick’s story, from someone who was watching those earliest posts and tag-following, it simply wasn’t. 

It was, as far as I saw, overwhelmingly The Falcon Raped A 14 Year Old.

(With a few interspersed “Wait - no he didn’t!”)

More subtle readings on what some people find problematic about the run didn’t enter the dialogue until a later. You’re arguing this now, but as far as I saw, it wasn’t true. The “Fire Rick Remender” campaign was 100% started because of the entirely false reading.

(Yes, it was born on the back of dislike of other parts of the run, but still - this reading involves looking at a drawing of a clearly adult woman saying she’s at least 23 and deciding she’s actually 14 - while never doing the reality check of “would Marvel seriously publish a story of a much loved movie-star character having sex with a 14 year old girl?” To say the least, this is not in good faith.)

To be honest, I consider it an act of some cowardice and a failure of personal loyalty to Rick that I didn’t say anything earlier, but I decided saying anything would increase the volume on the lie. I hoped that the fanbase would metabolise it and it wouldn’t get this big. 

But it did, and I sat and looked at twitter for a quite while before deciding to do the signal-boosting RT. This is simply not true, and that people who weren’t reading the comic were being made to believe it demanded to be countered.

I paused for several reasons, not least knowing that if I did it, I’d almost certainly have to write a post like this.

Now, as we all agree, we’re in a different position now and talking about different things.

I just deleted a bunch of stuff from here about your specific reading of the scene, as it’s not my place to debate it. My opinion is just my opinion - I’m very much “Marvel characters make human mistakes”. That’s what Marvel is. They transcend their failures to be heroes. And… oh, man, I’m going off topic again. Irrelevant.

I’m pro honest interrogation of a media. You know this, which is why you’re disappointed with me. Have whatever problems you like with a book. Tear it apart. Write to Marvel about it. Stop reading - and if you don’t like something for god’s sake you should stop reading.

But - as a general rule - when a campaign was born of such clearly malicious grounds, I would be uncomfortable with marching under its banner, not least because it undermines any actual grievances or points you may have. This was born of a lie [17.7.2014 - An Apology Here], and a lie aimed to deliberately hurt an actual human being (while simultaneously throwing a fictional character under the bus). If I can’t RT something against that, this is encouraging genuinely offensive behaviour.

I think we’re better than this. 

In short: I considered not RTing it to be fundamentally unethical.

The worst thing about it that it’s led to people with heartfelt problems with the run being attacked. I recall Bendis’ note that insulting and threatening anyone on the internet is the last fucking thing Captain America would do, and so you’re betraying the ideals of what you love by doing so. I don’t think anyone who would do that actually would be reading my tumblr - for the same the reason why you’re disappointed with me, except inverted - but to state the obvious: DON’T HARASS AND INSULT PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. FFS!

Hope some of this makes sense.


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