Tuesday, July 8, 2014

leaguerulesfrownupon said: "while never doing the reality check of “would Marvel seriously publish a story of a much loved movie-star character having sex with a 14 year old girl?”" Can I ask why you feel like you, or I guess Marvel deserve the benefit of the doubt there? Marvel's made some fantastic strides and put in a lot of effort but given the culture of the industry you work in and your expressed knowledge of it that statement seems weird. And I say that as someone who almost exclusively buys Marvel and Image bookes

That was originally a much longer paragraph that I cut, but I thought working the nod in earlier was worthwhile. I know why culturally with the oppressive sexism in comics, but it’s still just not something they would ever do.

Would any mainstream massmarket all-ages cultural form do that in 2014? 

Especially Marvel, owned by Disney, publishing PG-rated comics.

To stress how policed character behaviour is: I couldn’t even have the Young Avengers drink, which is illegal but extremely common late-teen behaviour.

This would be so beyond the pale that I’m sure heads would roll if this was published.


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    they really really wouldn’t. and your behavior is part of why.
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    As a follow up to that last rant this is so fucking disingenuous I’m done
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    Going from the debate at hand and moving into hypotheticals, I don’t see something like that being intentionally...
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    Okay this is gonna be a cheap shot because I understand there’s violence in comics but PG huh? And clearly either...
  10. britesparc said: In relation: I work for a kids’ TV channel, and the number of complaints we get annually about people thinking someone in a programme said the F-word always surprises me. There’s simply no way that level of “adultness” would get passed.
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