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6th March 2014

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Writer Notes: Uber 9

As issue 10 must be inching closer to release, let’s have a nose at issue 9. Spoilers, obv.

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29th January 2014

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Out Today: Uber #9 (Also other fine comic product mentions, including the second Young Avengers trade “Alternative Culture” and this title is getting long I’ll stop.

One issue actually hitting the shelves, and a few other things of note…

Several covers for Uber, but let’s go with the especially lovely wrap-around one. Well, lovely for a certain value of lovely. Uber reaches The Second Battle Of Kursk, which is the largest enhanced human conflict yet seen. And what’s Maria up to, eh?

You can buy it digitally here.

Also, while IRON MAN 20 INH was out in the states last week, it reaches the UK this week. Its basically tying in to the whole INHUMANITY excitement that’s going on, while also forwarding the whole Mandarin plot. Preview hereComixology here.. And if you’re looking for the cover, it’s this one.

I didn’t realise a certain little something came out last week in comic shops…

The second Young Avengers trade! Pop into any local comic shop, and they should be able to get it for you. For a few mail orders, here’s PAGE 45 in NottinghamHere’s Forbidden Planet’s. For the Americans, here’s Midtown Comics. Honestly, wherever you get your comic books should be able to get you a copy snappy.

If you’re willing to wait a few weeks and fear and loathe comics, you can get it from book retailers too. Here’s amazon’s handy pre-order.

It makes me smile that we’ve got the New Statesman quoted on the cover. Muhahaha.

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14th December 2013

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Writer Notes: Uber 8


As a warm-up before a prod at THREE #4′s lettering script, let’s do the notes on this issue. Spoilers, obv.

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11th December 2013

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Out: THREE #3 and Uber #8

Two comics out this week, both historical, both dark in tone, both different.

The mid-point of the story, and where the structure becomes apparent. I think it’s my favourite one so far – it’s complicated, but they’re from the drama of the individual doomed little lives being moved around by the system. Lovely work by everyone on it as well. Also, Nestos’ mum is pretty awesome.

Preview here, and you can buy it from your local comic shop, through Comixology or direct from Image.

And a new arc on Uber, moving over to the Eastern front. If you like Uber, I suspect you’ll like this one. Not enjoy, as it’s Uber, but it’s very us. Also the return of Maria!

You can buy it from your local shop, or from Comixology.

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29th November 2013

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Writer Notes: Uber 7

And this should catch us up, I think. Spoilers, obv.

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6th August 2013

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Uber 4 Writer Notes

Spoilers and thoughts and similar.

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14th May 2013

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Writer’s Notes on Uber 1

But before we dive in, there’s an article about UBER over on USA Today, wherein I say things like…

“As a writer, I might tend to be more interested in why people do bad things than why people do good things. It’s why people are led down horrific moral paths and all the different reasons for that.”

And you can read the rest here. There’s a preview for Issue 2 in there too.

Spoilers, obv.

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8th May 2013

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Uber 1 Out Today (Tomorrow UK)

Delays in the UK due to bank holiday. There’s multiple covers too. I also believe the issue 0 reprint is also available, in case any of you missed it. It’s a dollar extra, but there’s a bunch of making-of stuff, and issue 0 is twice as long as normal, so it’s still not exactly expensive.

Issue 1 has apparently sold out at retailer level, so I’d rush and grab one from your local shop, if you’re interested.

There’s a preview here.

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11th April 2013

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Writers Notes On Uber 0

Spoilers, obv.

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3rd April 2013

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Uber 0 out in the USA

It’s out tomorrow (i.e. Thursday) in the UK.

It’s a double-sized first issue, including 44 pages of comics.

It has several covers, but here’s one.

You can read more about my thinking, including a preview here.

There’s a fairly hefty interview over here.

It’s a while since I’ve launched an entirely new book, so I’m a little nervous. Doubly so, because this first issue dates from the period before I’d done any work in the MU.

It’s an unusual book. I think you’ll find it worth your attention.

And, as an entirely new book, if you find it worthy of discussion, I’d encourage you to do so.

Thanks for your time.

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