Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Out Today: Hulk vs Iron Man 4 and UBER 16

Two books out this week. Firstly…

Where I say goodbye to Iron Man. It’s been a fascinating exercise in co-writing this one, and Mark and I have wrestled with it at least as much as Tony and Bruce have. The last one… well, as far as goodbyes go, I quite like this one. Of all my Marvel work, it reminds me most of the second issue of AvX Consequences. See what you think.

Preview here and you can buy Digitally here.

Wherein we see the effect of the Blitzmensch on the shape of the war. Naval Warfare, more Battleship candidates and lots more. Daniel does some wonderful things with the shippping.

You can buy digitally here, which also includes some preview pages.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My life basically goes out of its way to confuse me.



The first issue of the four-part story Mark Waid and myself worked on together. This issue is Mark scripting, the next is me, but the whole thing involved the pair of us banging our heads against the wall until a story emerged magnificently from the blood smears co-writing.

Was a fascinating experience all around, really, and probably the most co-writery co-writing thing I’ve been involved with, even above EVERYTHING BURNS.

You can get it from your local shop or via comixology when this week’s comics go live, and the Preview is here.

Thursday, June 12, 2014
First page of the last issue of my Iron Man run. There’s a lot about this that makes me smile.
Whole preview here.

First page of the last issue of my Iron Man run. There’s a lot about this that makes me smile.

Whole preview here.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Iron Man

I’ve had a bunch of people asking about the absence of Iron Man from the new solicitations.

Basically, the situation is this. An enormous opportunity turned up.

We looked at my schedule. We realised that it just wasn’t going to work. The new book Marvel was offering was so utterly irresistible, I knew something had to give - and I realised that I was actually in a good place to bring my run to a conclusion. I realised the ORIGINAL SIN story would be a damn good climax for everything I’ve done, and between all I’ve put in play with the Mandarin War, Iron Metropolitan and where the HULK/IRON MAN story ends up, there’s a mass of toys for the next writer to play with. And hey - with the annual? That’s 31 issues total, which is exactly as long as my Uncanny X-men and Journey Into Mystery runs.

Yeah, there’s a pang about the other things I was going to play with, but when you hear of what this opportunity is, I suspect you’ll understand.

I’ll talk more when I can, obv. It’s been a ride.

And now I return to your usual service of hyping The Wicked + the Divine. Pre-order this weekend, etc.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Out Today: Uber 13, Iron Man 25 and FCBD Uber Digital

And Another Uber as we catch up with our release schedule. Just putting Issue 14 to bed this week, which is exciting. Anyway! This one goes off to catch up with Maria after her escape form her imprisonment. It’s me doing my cheery Russian Lit pastiche, and basically focuses on a single home that Maria intersects with. It’s a stand alone issue, and I’m actually pretty fond of this one. I suspect it’s not a bad one to dabble in if you want to try Uber out – yes, it touches on the larger thrust of it, but you don’t need any more knowledge than the isolated farmers.

You can get it from your local shop, or digitally.

Talking about digital Uber, here’s a freebie…

There’s been people asking whether there would be a digital version of our free comic book day. The answer is yes. This is basically me doing a short oral history of issues 0-11 of Uber. There’s obviously increasing spoilers the more you progress into it, but if you want a taste of how the book works, this would be a good one. Also FREE, which is nice. Very Free.

You can download it here.

Finally, over at Marvel…

Tony versus Elves. Cold Iron Man armour. Weaponized Fairy lore. A gag born three years ago and whose time has finally come.

Preview here and you can buy it digitally here.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Out This Week: THREE TPB and IRON MAN 24

A little late for this, as I was off in the belly of the Dragon Marvel. However…

The collection of the THREE series by Ryan Kelly, Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Cowles and myself. Plus historical excellence by Professor Stephen Hodkinson. Three helot slaves on the run from 300 of the greatest warriors the world have ever known. The edition includes the conversation between Stephen and myself, a new set of annotations, concept art, process pages and similar things. It’s a beautiful single volume, and it’s one of the things I’m proudest of having been able to do. I also suspect it may make a nice gift. Go gets, or at least have a flick. As well as your local comic or mail-order retailer, you’ll be able to get it at Amazon and all the usual suspects shortly. And obv you can get it digitally.

I’ll be doing a post about it later, but I’m also doing a signing for it and UBER Vol 1 at the London Forbidden Planet on Friday.


Tony’s mission to the realm of the Dark Elves goes badly wrong. Lots of culture clash joy here, I think. As well as shops, it’s available digitally, and the Preview is here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


While the title of the Third YA trade certainly takes top billing here, tradition dictates single issues go first…


A new arc RINGS OF THE MANDARIN is basically Iron Man vs Malekith the Accursed, with the Mandarins Rings flying around in the mix. It’s basically black-ops culture clash stuff, and me throwing Tony into areas he’s particularly uncomfortable with. Also, brings Dark Angel over from Revolutionary War. If you like my stuff playing around in the Thor corners of Marvel, I suspect you’d like this.

Preview here. You can buy it from your local shop or via digital electro shops.



Yes, I can’t quite believe we went with that Title. Still, it’s very much our Mic-drop, ending Young Avengers v2 on our own terms and having a bunch of fun with friends along the way. With the three trades out, basically I can just… relax. There we go. Take all three trades, stick them together on the shelf and toast goodbye to 2013. Love to everyone. It was a time.

You can get it from your local shop or any comic online retailer, or pre-order from something like Amazon US/UK as bookshops take a little longer to get copies.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Iron Man 22 Out

Yes, late in the day for this, but if shops are still open where you are, you can buy IRON MAN 22 today, which is the conclusion of IRON METROPOLITAN. Fights! Denouements! Surprise Villains! New Armour! Stuff! And if shops aren’t open where you are, you can go tomorrow and/or buy it digitally.

Preview here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Two things out today. One is the latest episode, the other the first half of probably the best thing I’ve ever written for Marvel.

The Annual is thirty pages of comics which basically spins off a bunch of stuff from FATAL FRONTIER back into my Iron Man book. Just fun to get a chance to write SHOCKWORKER, really. Also, a straight ahead honest romance story.

Preview hereavailable on Comixology here.

Journey Into Mystery was my fantasy novel in the Marvel Universe. 31 or so issues long. this collects the first half.

You’ll like this one.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Out Today: Iron Man 21

One comic of mine drops this week, which is the penultimate issue of IRON METROPOLITAN. Herein we set the stage for epic conflict, do a little pop-science-journo-writing and generally have fun.

You can find the preview here. You can buy it from your local shop, or digitally here.

Also not by me, but relevant to those who followed my stuff, Al and Lee’s LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD launches. Give it a look. I think you’ll like it. (Digital here)

Oh – while we’re plugging comments, I did a quick rant about why you should take advantage of LUCIFER being on sale for 99c an issue.