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14th April 2014

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theoraclenayru asked: I'm not sure if you've talked about this before, but can you clarify America's sexual orientation? Please and thank you.

Do I have to? Really?

I mean, next time I’ll consider doing a…


…but do I really have to?

(She’s a lesbian. I have to say that any reading of YA that argues otherwise is performing Demiurge-level reality warping.)

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14th April 2014

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GLAAD Media Award For Outstanding Comic Book: Young Avengers

GLAAD have announced their awards tonight. Read more here. However relevantly…

Outstanding Comic Book:  Young Avengers, written by Kieron Gillen (Marvel Comics)

And drawn by Jamie McKelvie, Kate Brown, Mike Norton, Kris Anka, Stephen Thompson, Becky Cloonan, Ming Doyle, Joe Quinones, coloured by Matthew Wilson, Jordie Bellaire, Maris Wicks,Matthew Wilson and Lee Loughridge, lettered by Clayton Cowles and edited by Lauren Sankovitch, Jake Thomas and Jon Moisan. And bearing the fingerprint of others too, I dare say.

More than a little overwhelming. Incredibly honoured.

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2nd April 2014

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Axel and Tom reveal there's a new Young Avengers mini to tie into Original Sin →

Which is excellent.

Ryan North is a phenomenon and Ramon Villalobos has a pure vision thing. Treat them nice. 

Go read for what extra details.

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21st March 2014

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Kissing is a terrifying sport. It’s up there with blind skiing- only ever a hair’s breadth away from disaster and you have to put a lot of trust in someone else to do it. Which is why it creates cosmic horror monsters and also cures them.

Smooch your demons.

— And the divine piratemoggy drops her long-threatened Magnum, in her final piece on Young Avengers. There’s 8000 words of essays within essays about what comics do to people (and her own discovery of it), so impossible to pull a single quote out of it. Sidestepping the Her of it all, there’s lots of precise and personal writing about the whole cast. I don’t want to pick favourites from them. Instead, let’s go for a line about kissing and leave you to discover the rest on your lonesome.

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19th March 2014

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While the title of the Third YA trade certainly takes top billing here, tradition dictates single issues go first…


A new arc RINGS OF THE MANDARIN is basically Iron Man vs Malekith the Accursed, with the Mandarins Rings flying around in the mix. It’s basically black-ops culture clash stuff, and me throwing Tony into areas he’s particularly uncomfortable with. Also, brings Dark Angel over from Revolutionary War. If you like my stuff playing around in the Thor corners of Marvel, I suspect you’d like this.

Preview here. You can buy it from your local shop or via digital electro shops.



Yes, I can’t quite believe we went with that Title. Still, it’s very much our Mic-drop, ending Young Avengers v2 on our own terms and having a bunch of fun with friends along the way. With the three trades out, basically I can just… relax. There we go. Take all three trades, stick them together on the shelf and toast goodbye to 2013. Love to everyone. It was a time.

You can get it from your local shop or any comic online retailer, or pre-order from something like Amazon US/UK as bookshops take a little longer to get copies.

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10th March 2014

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winterfuckingsoldier asked: while we're on the subject of video games - which games would each young avenger be into (assuming they're into any games of course)?

If I tried to answer this question, I’d be here for hours and…

Fuck it.

Billy and Teddy had at least one long term MMO experience. Billy’s is probably still ongoing. Both would like large-scale RPGs, Billy to the degree of having written fanfic about his Player Character in Dragon Age.

America would answer that she doesn’t play any games, but if prompted with a “what about XYZ?” she’d go “Oh yeah. That doesn’t count!”

Noh-Varr can rant about Robotron like he rants about Be My Baby, though being a Space Invader he finds certain aspects of classic gaming problematic.

Prodigy likes games that feature a lot of terrain and may even need you to read the PDF manual. He’s probably programmed his own.

Kate… well, there’s two ways of looking at Kate, which require subtly different readings of her, and what she’d play. The one I prefer has her playing a bunch of stuff on her mobile, and multiplayer stuff when she’s over at Billy’s. She’s the sort to add sarcastic comments any time a videogame gets the archery animation wrong. 

Loki is always playing a game. 

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8th March 2014

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Matthew: It is most certainly an intentional device on my part. It’s color theory, and studying it makes doing my job so much easier. Knowing how to choose colors that will do what you want them to do, to direct a reader’s eye, to frame a scene, or elicit a certain response is crucial to good coloring. Good color theory can even make up for other shortcomings, like being inexperienced at rendering (adding textures, highlights and shadows to define form).

The biggest mistake I often see in aspiring colorists’ portfolios is their focus on rendering before they have a good grasp of color theory. I went to art school and majored in “Sequential Art”, which is a fancy name for a degree in comics. (I think it’s to get parents of perspective students in the door. If you called it majoring in comic books they’d probably never let the kids anywhere near the school.) Of course, I took a color theory class as part of my foundation classes, and then as required by my major, I took a “computer coloring for comics” class.

I don’t remember the exact number of assignments, but we weren’t allowed to do anything but color completely flat for the majority of the class. The professor wanted us to be able to tell a story using only flat colors. So, without the aid of lighting or texture or gradients, you had to choose your single flat color for each background, or each face, very wisely to get the most out of your choice. I remember I practiced on a lot of Mignola Hellboy pages and studied a lot of Dave Stewart’s flat colors on that book.

Anyway, the point is that the importance of color choice was made very clear to me when I first started coloring comics on the computer. Looking back, it was important to limit myself in a program that had limitless colors and tools to distract a novice colorist.

— Matt Wilson interviewed about his colouring techniques. Go read the rest but this bit strikes me as particularly wise.

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2nd February 2014

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Finally edited up the panel from last year’s Thought Bubble where almost all the creators in the afterparty issues all gathered together to talk about the process. 

You can download the podcast from over here, which includes the shownotes and slides and similar.

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31st January 2014

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The Noh-Varr Story I Could Never Tell

I’m often asked about what limits Marvel put on doing Young Avengers. Basically, very little, because I had a pretty good idea of what would fly and what wouldn’t. If it wouldn’t, I wouldn’t try. 

So, I would never do this story idea, for reasons that will become immediately obvious. But I’ve alluded to it a few times, and said I’d let it into the wild when the run was over… so here it is.

NSFW or anyone who doesn’t like bleaching their brain.

Read More

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29th January 2014

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Out Today: Uber #9 (Also other fine comic product mentions, including the second Young Avengers trade “Alternative Culture” and this title is getting long I’ll stop.

One issue actually hitting the shelves, and a few other things of note…

Several covers for Uber, but let’s go with the especially lovely wrap-around one. Well, lovely for a certain value of lovely. Uber reaches The Second Battle Of Kursk, which is the largest enhanced human conflict yet seen. And what’s Maria up to, eh?

You can buy it digitally here.

Also, while IRON MAN 20 INH was out in the states last week, it reaches the UK this week. Its basically tying in to the whole INHUMANITY excitement that’s going on, while also forwarding the whole Mandarin plot. Preview hereComixology here.. And if you’re looking for the cover, it’s this one.

I didn’t realise a certain little something came out last week in comic shops…

The second Young Avengers trade! Pop into any local comic shop, and they should be able to get it for you. For a few mail orders, here’s PAGE 45 in NottinghamHere’s Forbidden Planet’s. For the Americans, here’s Midtown Comics. Honestly, wherever you get your comic books should be able to get you a copy snappy.

If you’re willing to wait a few weeks and fear and loathe comics, you can get it from book retailers too. Here’s amazon’s handy pre-order.

It makes me smile that we’ve got the New Statesman quoted on the cover. Muhahaha.

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